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Mailing Lists Services - Direct Mailing Lists

Outsourcing Web Research specializes in providing a full line of web research services to facilitate efficient Internet marketing and campaign. Direct Mailing list creation forms a part of our online data research services.

The scope of your marketing decides the strength of your market presence. Today, we no longer think of markets as restricted to a particular region or country. We think on global scales. Our market can be anywhere in the world and can expand across continents. The Internet has become a major marketing tool.

Our company has 10+ years of experience in providing Internet research services. You can depend on us to get effective direct mailing list and other online data research services. We provide direct mailing list services across industry verticals for clients, worldwide.

Mailing lists creation is about one or other of the below-mentioned matters:

Our direct mailing list services include all of the above and more.

Our online data research team searches relevant data from various online resources and collects several type of information such as addresses, emails, telephone numbers or other details as desired. Accordingly a customized direct mailing list database is created for you.

The size of your mailing lists would not worry us. Our staff is well trained and their experience spanning 5-10 years makes them experts in creating direct mailing lists speedily with 99.5% accuracy. 24*7 services give you even faster solutions.

Access to advance technologies allows us to guarantee you optimum security of your data and information.

We have proficiency in both offline and online direct mailing list creation. Security, speed, and superior quality are the three ‘S’s that mark our mailing list services.

Here are some details about how we organize our mailing list creation process:

Your benefits are many: accuracy and authenticity of information, quicker turnaround time and remarkable cost savings besides other incentives.

Outsource to us and save 40% - 60% on costs! Send inquiries or e-mail your requirement on: info@outsourcingwebresearch.com.